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Meet...Mr. Cuvav!


Note: Cuvav pronounced (Coo Vahv)


Mr. Cuvav's "Bio"

Mr. Cuvav was born in the hills of a country in France.  His parents were Albino Rhinos.  When Mr. Cuvav turned 1, he decided that he did not like his current life...and so he set out to make it better.  Although Mr. Cuvav's parents were upset when the found that their son was gone...they soon got over the loss (Albino Rhinos are known for not being very sentimental).  As Cuvav crawled away, he decided to make for the nearest city.  Now you have to realize that Mr. Cuvav wasn't Mr. Cuvav YET.  His parents really hadnt named him anything.  So, Mr. Cuvav who wasn't Mr. Cuvav YET, set out for a town and, after a week, came to one.  Considering the fact that he hadn't eaten at all during his week long trek...he decided that he needed some food.  Albino Rhinos are known for their excellent scent, and Mr. Cuvav who wasnt yet Mr. Cuvav seemed to have gotten some of this power.  He cocked his head back and sniffed.  Many scents entered Mr. Cuvav who wasnt yet Mr. Cuvav's nostrils, one of these scents was of extreme interest to him.  It was the smell of fresh pastries.  Mr. Cuvav who wasn't QUITE Mr. Cuvav yet set off in a ravenous frenzy in the direction of the smell.  When our young hero was very near to the smell, he looked up and saw that it was coming from a big building called BAKERY.  Mr. Cuvav, who is almost going to be Mr. Cuvav, entered BAKERY and saw all the pastries laying on a counter.  Practically starved, Mr. Cuvav who - you know - suddenly did something that he also received genetically...he flew (because we all know how well Albino Rhinos are known for flying).  Hovering in the air, Mr. Cuvav who IS SO CLOSE TO BEING MR. CUVAV, saw all the pastries...he picked out two that looked extremely delicious and stuffed them in his chubby little mouth.  The store owner ran and out said, "Why are you eating my pastries you little floating baby!"      


Mr. Cuvav looked up at the man...faced stuffed. 

"Coo!" he said

"What?!" said the man    

"Coo!"  Mr. Cuvav who is going to be Mr. Cuvav before you can kiss your elbow and say spinach, replied.

"What?!" repeated the baker

"Coo!" said Mr. Cuvav.  For those of you who are not familiar with the language of albino rhinos..."coo" means "I love these pastries...they are great!"

"Vav!" cried the man.  For those of you who are not familiar with the language of the French..."vav" means "why are you saying 'coo' you little floating baby!"

And so this yelling went on for some time.





Finally the man became exasperated and retired from the bakery business.  He stomped out the door and is currently employed at a factory that makes solar powered flashlights.  The baby continued to float there and continued to shout, "Coo!"  About ten minutes later...Mr. Cuvav who is momentarily going to be himself realized that the person he was shouting at was gone...and so he decided to play both parts of the conversation.  He would shout, "Coo!" Then shout "Vav!"  This went on until he was just going "Coo Vav!"  "Coo Vav!"  "Cuvav!"  And then he decided to name himself Mr. Cuvav.   He took over the bakery, and named everything he made French Cuvav's. 

One day...four people came into his shop with pogo sticks.  They were The Cube, Dcool, Fin, and Pogo Bub.  They bought French Cuvav's and then showed Mr. Cuvav (who now IS Mr. Cuvav) some pogo tricks.  Mr. Cuvav loved the pogo sticks and so he quite his job and became part of the pogo squad! 
Ze End!



Mr. Cuvav owns a Gravity Games pogo stick.  His favorite trick is No Foot Can-Can.  He was the first member of The Pogo Squad to grind. He someday wants to land a no-foot peg grab.